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Thanks for visiting to find out more about what we’re doing.

We are an experienced UK-based team aiming to launch a series of easy-to-use apps during 2016 to assist online businesses. It’s probably worth pointing out that whilst we are UK based and have a domain our apps will work for websites across the world and not just the UK.

To make the apps as widely available as possible we will release them on a freemium commercial model, with the paid plans offering advanced features and being able to work at scale. Where it’s practical, we’ve also looked to solve the inevitable server scalability issues by making apps available as downloads which can run locally. This helps improve performance, keep prices down and speed up deployment.

The first app will be HTTPS Checker, the most advanced mixed content checker available (plus it will include some other checks you’ll find helpful).

The reason we started with such a technical app is because of users’ increasing awareness of “the green padlock” on websites and a push by the industry for adoption of secure data transmission. Google in particular have been highlighting this, first with their announcement in August 2014 that this would be a lightweight ranking factor and then in December 2015 saying they would index HTTPS pages first by default.

We could see on forums that web admins were lacking a simple tool to crawl sites and report on issues, especially large sites such as online retailers. So we decided to write a downloadable app to do just that. It will be useful pre-migration to see what changes need to be made, and then it can be run again post-migration to make sure everything is well. We’d also recommend incorporating it into your regular content management and security processes to scan and make sure no new issues creep in.

We hope this will benefit you and look forward to releasing more apps later in the year.

Neil Whelan
Joint CEO & Head Of Innovation


PS Download our PDF's on HTTPS, Mixed Content & Why It Matters plus our Guide To Fixing Mixed Content Issues

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