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Updated advanced options screen, HTTPS only switch & Proxy support

The new 1.8 release of HTTPS Checker is now available!

This new release brings a new sleak design to the advanced options panel along with some new options including:

  • HTTPS origin only switch.
    A useful setting if you're crawling a site with both HTTP & HTTPS versions available and no redirect is yet set up.
    With this you can set the app to only crawl the HTTPS version.
  • Proxy settings.
    Useful for testing development sites only available behind a proxy, or for showing full details of all requests our app makes in order to crawl your site.
    This supports HTTP, HTTPS, Socks, & Proxy auto-config (PAC). 
  • The free plan now allows you to scan up to 500 pages!
    A large increase from the previous just 100, allowing many more small site owners to use the tool completely free.
  • A more focused workflow. 
    The scan mode is now available directly under the URL input and now defaults to all checks except hyperlinks, to focus on new sites first fixing mixed content and major issues, then with an option to check links as well with the all / strict option. 

Download the latest release here

Or if you already have the app installed, opening it will trigger the new version to download and update automatically. 

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