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Scan Modes, Crawl Throttles & Unlimited Page Crawling

New: Scan Modes 

It is now possible to select different types of issues for scanning:

- All Checks (normal)
- All Except Hyperlink Checks
- Mixed Content Checks Only
- Chrome Not Secure Warning Only

The last check will be especially useful because beginning in January 2017, Google Chrome will mark HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure, as part of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure.

Crawl Throttles

We have added in two new throttle controls so you can control the crawl speed for the scan:

Queue Interval:  
This is the time (in milliseconds) between requests. Reducing this may make the scan quicker, but places more demand on the site being scanned. It defaults to 200ms which is a relatively innocuous crawl rate. 

Queue Concurrency: 
This is the amount of URLs that can be scanned by the crawler at once. It defaults to 10 which is the standard concurrency we use and does not typically cause any issues with sites either.

New: PLATINUM Service 

This service allows an unlimited number of pages to be scanned, which is useful for bigger sites.

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