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New Real Time HTTPS Reporter Tool

We are pleased to announce the extension of our HTTPS mixed content service with the introduction of HTTPS Reporter.

HTTPS Reporter is a powerful new online tool which captures Content Security Policy (CSP) violations in real-time. This means you can set up a CSP header on your website so you receive violation reports whenever pages are loaded with mixed content issues. This provides a simple, searchable fix list of issues which you can work to resolve and mark off.

Another major benefit is being able to identify issues on pages with dynamically loaded content that the desktop app is unable to crawl, therefore giving you a complete picture of all mixed content problems.

HTTPS Reporter is an addition to the HTTPS Checker app, with new pricing plans available.

As a thank you to our existing clients, if you already purchased the annual licence for the desktop app, you can use HTTPS Reporter for FREE on 1 domain with up to 100 CSP violations. Simply sign up and enter the licence key previously provided to you.

Click here to visit the dedicated HTTPS Checker site for full details.

PS Added bonus! The new tool can capture any type of CSP violation you set up in your policy, so feel free to use it for other issues such as XSS, making it an even more useful addition to your security toolkit.

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